Coronavirus – a message from The Moment

These are clearly very challenging times for us all, both as individuals and as businesses.

To stay safe, we know we need to distance ourselves from others – but this has huge repercussions for all businesses, not least pubs, clubs and venues. It will also likely mean extended periods of enforced isolation for those without families or with none close to hand – inevitably, that means mostly older, more vulnerable residents.

We would like to do something about this…

It may seem strange for a magazine apparently built around the publicising of events (which are now not happening) and the championing of local venues (which are now closed) to be suggesting such a thing. But at heart The Moment is not just about those things. It’s about community – and community cohesion and co-operation is perhaps more critical now than at any time we have ever known. It is also a challenge to achieve, given that meeting face-to-face is largely ruled out.

This, however, is what we do. We create networks within the community, engaging and connecting them through readership of the magazine and via Facebook and Twitter. We’re also dedicated to doing the best for Peterborough.

Right now, the best we can do is clear: facilitate any and all community efforts and combat isolation among those unable to get out – helping them feel connected, reassuring them they are part of an immediate and wider community, and just giving them something good to read that is relevant to them, and not all doom and gloom. Many of these people will not have internet access – but this is where print can make a real difference.

This is our aim over the next two issues.

If you can help people get through the weeks ahead, we would like to hear from you. If you have a message to get across, we’ll help deliver it. If, as a business, you simply want to remind people that you are around, we can help with that, too.

We will be contacting support groups across the city to invite their involvement and help link up their efforts. To do this we will be working on a reduced wage, at reduced cost, but the more you can support us, the more we can do.

We know your involvement will be hugely appreciated in the months to come.

Mark, Toby and the team

Image: Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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