Change futures and foster in Peterborough

Are you the kind of person who can help care for a child or young person and offer them love and stability?

There’s no typical type of child who needs foster care, so there’s no typical type of foster carer. We’re looking for a diverse range of individuals to join us. Parents, grandparents, people with no children, married, single, or those in same-sex relationships are welcome to apply. You may have children who still live in the family home, or your children may have grown up and flown the nest.

What’s right for you?
Where you fit in depends very much on your personality and individual circumstances. For example, there’s a perception that teenagers are more challenging to care for than younger children. But the reality is that you might be perfectly-equipped to guide teenagers through these tricky years, teaching them how to find their feet in an increasingly challenging world, and learn to trust again. Equally, your individual circumstances, together with your personality, may determine which type of fostering best suits you.

What does the assessment involve?
Anyone who’s interested in becoming a foster carer first completes a register of interest form and is then called by a social worker for an initial assessment. For those of you still keen to continue, the next step is a full assessment held over about four to six months and involving visits from a social worker to discuss you, your family and your experiences of looking after children. There is more to our assessment but you will be guided through this.

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