Capturing the dreams of Peterborough

From a bedroom of pink butterflies to building homes fit for future generations, digital artists Judi Alston and Andy Campbell of One To One Development Trust believe that Peterborough is full of people and organisations who are dreaming big things, and making them happen.

“From setting up their own businesses, to creating community projects, the city’s dreamers are making big changes to the city I grew up in,” explains Judi, “and we are collecting these aspirations to build The Dreamcatcher installation.”

People’s dreams have been collected at city events, such as the Millfield Festival and Hampton Festival and through schools. Judi has also been filming interviews on the street and with community activists, such as Jackie Cooper at Allia Business Centre, who wants to make sure that talented entrepreneurs grow up here, and stay here: “That’s how I see the future”. Whilst poet Keely Mills believes that the city’s artists need to grasp “the opportunities for change” in a city built on history, food production and industry.

“So many dreams from the community events have been about being creative or doing something positive for others,” adds Kate Hall, of Jumped Up Theatre, who have commissioned this project. “It makes you realise how many positive and dynamic people are out there.”

You too can add your own dreams and aspirations to the project website, or tag your thoughts with #pborodreamcatcher in public posts on social media.

Contributions are being accepted up to Saturday 14 October to add to the project. Judi and Andy will then create The Dreamcatcher as a film, audio and Virtual Reality installation, which will be open to the public, for free, from 9-11 November in The Undercroft Theatre in Serpentine Green in Hampton.

The Dreamcatcher is part of Platform8, Jumped Up Theatre’s Festival of Theatre for Peterborough, which also includes award-winning, touring theatre Castle Builder, Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show, Ross & Rachel and Almost Always Muddy, in venues in Hampton, Bretton and The Key Theatre. More info available on the Jumped Up Theatre website:

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