Blitz your winter home energy bills with PECT’s Warm Homes project

Would you like to cut your household bills and keep your home warm for less? The charity PECT is relaunching its Warm Homes project, to help improve the lives of vulnerable households that are suffering from or are at risk of fuel poverty.

If you live in Fenland or Huntingdonshire, then PECT (working in partnership with Fenland District Council) can help you with its free energy advice service. The Warm Homes campaign supports residents who are struggling to pay their energy bills or cannot keep their home heated at a sufficient temperature.

With overwhelming evidence that inadequately heated homes can have a detrimental effect on the wellbeing of residents, PECT offers help by providing free energy advice, as well as signposting to other available resources and support.

“Ultimately we want to help cut energy costs and carbon for the benefit of people and the planet,” explains Project Officer Nikki Dekker. “People’s ability to keep their homes adequately heated has been further exacerbated by the economic, health and social challenges created by Covid-19. This is a time of great uncertainty, and we want to support people to live healthily and happily.”

Huge numbers of homeowners are unable to adequately heat their homes, and this has significant health implications and places enormous pressure on the NHS. PECT’s project seeks to tackle this growing issue by providing householders with a free helping hand to make their homes more energy efficient and to help save money on their energy bills.

The service offers help and advice on behavioural changes, choosing the best energy tariff and supplier, managing your water bills, and – where eligible – can assist you to access the national £140 Warm Homes Discount, the Government Green Homes Grant (where households can get a voucher up to £5,000 to make their homes more energy efficient), and other funding opportunities.

To access PECT’s Warm Homes service, please contact 01733 568408 ext. 313, email  or visit

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