Cutting Edge – Windows 8

Most of you are probably familiar with Windows XP, Vista or 7. However, things are about to change...

Windows 8 brings an entirely new look and feel – the start button has gone and everything is driven by tiles on your desktop. The interface is called Modern UI, and has been designed for touch screens – such as the Microsoft Surface, the rival to the iPad – whilst still usable by mouse and keyboard.

Windows 8 allows you to run Windows apps downloaded via the Windows Store, similar to Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. It will still be possible to run traditional programs that you are currently using on a daily basis, however.

If you want Windows 8 without buying a new PC you should find it will run on most Vista and Windows 7 machines too – the hardware requirements are actually lower, due to the fact it has been designed with tablets in mind. The only difference when you come to buy is that you can only purchase the PC/laptop software, as the RT (i.e. tablet) version comes pre-installed on the tablet itself, much like Apple’s iPad.

Windows 8 comes with the new version of Internet Explorer, version 10. The RT version will also support Flash, needed for websites and internet video, something the iPad currently does not do. Watch out Apple – here comes Surface!

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