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We’ve probably all had occasion to feel frustrated by banks with anonymous call centres and limited powers at branch level. But is there another way? According to Handelsbanken, there is

Although the name might be new to you Handelsbanken in Peterborough has quietly been going about its business now for two years. Without any national advertising or marketing campaigns, the business has grown on the strength of word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. The relationship bank Handelsbanken, which was established in 1871 and is one of Sweden’s leading banks, has over 750 branches in 22 countries, including 137 in the UK. The bank was ranked top for customer satisfaction and loyalty in 2011, for the third year running, in an independent survey of British banks’ personal and business customers, emerging head and shoulders above its UK high street competitors.


As a relationship bank, all decisions are driven by customer needs and solutions are tailored to suit each individual and business. Central to the bank’s success is its philosophy of decentralisation
where branches are responsible for all the everyday business decisions. At the Peterborough branch, which is currently 5 staff including the branch manager, customers enjoy the fact that they get to speak to the same people on a regular basis. All customers have a personal relationship with a manager at the branch where all their needs are serviced without the aid of call centres or vast central back office support functions.

The branch is the bank and the success of the decentralised model is that it is built on trust and responsibility, It feels like it is my business and like any business owner you want it to be successful, where success is achieved by doing things the right way. We are not target driven which means we can take a long-term view and invest time in our customers. Our success is measured by having satisfied and loyal customers

says Peterborough branch manager Julian Turner.

Handelsbanken Peterborough is part of a universal bank, offering personal customers all the core products and services you would expect from a bank, from current accounts, online banking, savings products, to residential and buy- to-let mortgages. Equally, corporates can find a full suite of products and services befitting a major UK bank whilst also providing advice from a high experienced professional banking team.

Julian Turner adds

Customer satisfaction underpins everything we do and our focus is, and will always be, on developing long-term relationships with quality local customers where we can help each other to achieve our goals and ambitions

The Handelsbanken model, which is built on understanding local banking needs, is much admired by financial commentators who advocate the local banking approach where decisions can be taken at the branch. It is also clearly working for Handelsbanken, who continue to open a new branch in the UK at a current rate of one every ten business days.

First Floor
Futura House,
4 Axon,
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Tel: 01733 238 060 Fax: 01733 238 235

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