Job Descriptions Go To The Movies

A business is only as good at the people it employs. Hiring the best staff is important, but so is looking after their interests once they’re part of your team. If your business is struggling to recruit and retain staff, Athene Communications can help. Their video service – Athene Vision – has just developed a job description package which has the potential to bring your company, and the role you need to fill, alive

Mike Kealey, the MD of Kealey HR in Peterborough, has used Athene Vision to help promote one of his clients in the IT sector, where recruiting talent is key.

In today’s ever changing world where technology is king, businesses need to look for new and exciting ways to promote themselves internally as well as externally. Video job descriptions are just one way to do this. Interviews with the staff currently doing the role you have a vacancy for, helps bring the job to life. We would recommend this approach to every business looking for prospective new employees

Athene Communications are often on the look-out for new account executives, and have produced their own video featuring two members of staff who are already working in this role.


Why use video?

Studies have shown there are many reasons why a business should include video as part of its marketing strategy. For example:

● Customers respond to video 600% more than print
● 78% of visitors stay longer on a website with videos than those without
● Video speeds up buying decisions by 72%

Videos are proving hugely popular in the communications world, with You Tube emerging as the world’s second largest Internet search engine after Google.

Videos can also help you to:
● Engage new audiences
● Bring projects to life
● Communicate key messages to staff
● Enhance your social media profile
● Liven up your website
● Convey difficult messages in a simple way

Other services offered by Athene Vision include:
● CORPORATE VIDEOS – to market your business, product or service
● CASE STUDIES – short documentary-style films which tell a story
● VIDEO RELEASES – a press release in video form, great for websites and social media
● VIDCASTS – these can be used by CEOs and senior management to communicate messages to staff
● TRAINING VIDEOS – an engaging way to train staff, the videos can be added to staff intranets
● BESPOKE FILMS – customised to the topic and length of your choosing

For more information visit or call Josh Jackson on 01733 207335.

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