Go Green, have fun – and cut costs!

Go Green, have fun – and cut costs! 1 2 3

Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is working with hundreds of businesses in Peterborough and across other parts of the country to help them cut their carbon footprint and increase profits. We highlight three of their current projects...

Investors in the Environment

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is a not-for-profit environmental accreditation scheme. It is designed to help the business sector and iiE provide all the help, support, promotion and networking a business needs to get started and ensure you get recognition for your green efforts.

The Investors in the Environment 2013 Awards which took place on the 30th April, sponsored by Lark Energy Renewables celebrated environmental achievements of local and regional businesses over the past year.


Last year in excess of 120 Peterborough businesses attended the awards; this year the numbers have increased, and over 30 businesses from elsewhere in the country also attended this year’s event. Businesses received either the Bronze, Silver or Green award, whilst those that had achieved over and above the set criteria also won the Great Green Star Award.

The past year has been very exciting for Investors in the Environment, but while we are delighted to have so many new members from across England, Peterborough businesses are still leading the way on environmental accreditation. We’d like to see even more local businesses join iiE in 2013, so if you are interested in finding out more about the scheme and its benefits, please contact us. Then maybe next year your business will be receiving an award too!

said iiE Senior Green Business Officer Kim Coley.


As well as the awards ceremony, there were over 20 stands and stalls showcasing green products and services, including sponsor Lark Energy Renewables’ Eco Home and an exciting video booth.
iiE was initially launched in 2010 to help Peterborough businesses reduce their impact on the environment and to play a key part in helping Peterborough strive for its Environment Capital mission. Due to the scheme’s success, helping businesses on a number of levels, it has now expanded to cover Cambridgeshire (and parts of the East of England), as well as Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. Most recently the scheme attracted a franchise in Yorkshire. This exciting new partnership for iiE is managed by Yorkshire Energy Partnership and will cover all businesses in the North of the UK.

The growth of iiE has highlighted the demands for extended accreditation services and iiE are pleased to have launched a new service, iiE Consultancy.

iiE ConsultancyGo-green-have-fun-cut-costs-6

Having supported businesses of all sizes and from a range of sectors for over 15 years, PECT has a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of delivering impressive results, with over £360,000 saved in the last year alone through its business consultancy services. So whether you want to cut costs, improve your reputation, comply with legislation or raise the awareness of your staff, iiE Consultancy can help. iiE Consultancy offers Environmental Management System support including BS8555 and ISO14001, resource efficiency advice, feasibility studies, carbon management, environmental training and an Environmental Management Network where you can learn from other businesses, find out how to achieve best practise and access a range of additional support and benefits.

iiE Consultancy are proud to be able to deliver a high quality service at extremely competitive rates – they are a not-for-profit scheme and strive to achieve significant improvements in the environmental performance of the businesses they support, demonstrated through tangible cost and carbon savings and other reputational benefits such as new or retained clients and contracts.

All iiE membership and support allows businesses to keep ahead of emerging environmental legislation, involve staff in securing operational efficiencies, raise their corporate profile and become more effective. The iiE website offers practical advice and templates for developing environmental improvement processes, and there is a wealth of additional support available to members.

Get in touch now to discuss your support needs and find out how iiE Consultancy can help. Contact Katie Woolston, Environmental Consultant on 01733 882549, 07908375557 or

Go Green, have fun – and cut costs! 1 2 3

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