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As one of the oldest creative agencies in Peterborough, Brave Creative has been offering strategic brand and marketing insights for local businesses for more than 15 years

Since establishing at the turn of the millennium, creative agency Brave Creative has seen its core business expand from traditional print-based media to include all aspects of digital and web design and marketing. ‘We adopted the digital side as early as we could,’ explains managing director Tony Conte. ‘Everyone knew it was happening but nobody really knew how it would take off.’ Today Brave Creative offers truly comprehensive strategic consultation, marketing and channel and brand management for businesses. ‘We’ve got a team here that can cover aspects of every requirement. It’s a cliché, but we truly do offer a 360-degree service. We’ve got expertise in branding, strategic development, marketing, graphic design and digital development. And it’s all here, under one roof.’

The branding experts
Brave Creative prides itself on its branding expertise. This means that a targeted audience is identified and all subsequent marketing activity is measured for optimal return on investment. ‘We design to communicate rather than merely decorate. So rather than just making something look pretty, we look at it from a communications point of view, whether it be social media or a website. We make sure it converts at a higher rate with personalised engagement techniques. So if you go to one of our e-commerce websites you will be presented with A/B tested calls to action that really engages its audience.’

The branding experts at Brave Creative can help a business to completely review its brand, undertaking competitor and customer analysis, a SWOT analysis, positioning and reporting to inform any design work and marketing that follows. This might involve, for example, market research, looking at the brand and considering people’s view of it, or identifying any gaps in the market. A brand strategy can then be implemented and evaluated, setting clear KPIs, developing a creative programme and implementing a marketing and PR strategy. ‘We look at the available budget and advise on the best way to allocate the funds by challenging the brief against business objectives,’ explains strategic account director Raymond Anderson. ‘Every business is different,’ says Tony. ‘And generally speaking no website is ever finished. It constantly evolves and that’s the beauty of them. They evolve every day – they’re a living, breathing thing.’

Agile approach
Key to achieving the required results on behalf of a client is this agile approach to planning. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, the speed of information and feedback means that businesses need to be able to react and adapt accordingly to their target market and customer feedback. Brave Creative works in a methodical manner, using target audience feedback and statistics to direct the next stage of work, all within an overarching goal. The team aims to achieve the maximum return for its clients’ budgets. ‘We listen, we think, we create and we evaluate,’ explains Raymond. ‘We take the data and research then carefully manage project implementation, advertising and the digital, PR and social side of things. We look at a business and help them to develop their own unique voice to attract potential customers. By understanding where they are on their buyer journey, we serve up specific and relative content, capture details, personalise landing pages, ecommerce and email, convert, close and delight.

‘We are all so jaded with being ‘marketed to’, it just doesn’t provide the level of results needed in today’s crowded space. Instead we educate and nurture, adopting a magnetised rather than a sledgehammer approach to marketing. There’s no better form of marketing than word-of-mouth and when I demonstrate how we are able to generate highly qualified traffic and lead generation, my clients have a ‘eureka’ moment… I love seeing the moment the penny drops.’ With its collective in-house expertise, Brave Creative has the ability to offer highly bespoke strategic brand and marketing insights with proven results in mind.

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