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More than just a workspace, the Future Business Centre is a place where innovative social and environmental enterprises can thrive and where people who want to change the world can grow their ideas with like-minded people. The Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough has welcomed a huge range of exciting new businesses in 2015, with 2016 set to see even more additions. Here are just a few examples from the current crop...  

Emma Burt Design and Consultancy 
CEO: Emma Burt
Emma Burt Design and Consultancy was inspired by all of my passions – design in all its forms, the natural environment and people. I believe there to be an intrinsic link between them all. I studied Woven Textiles at university which opened my eyes to the range of textures and patterns available to a designer. Through the years, I also gained an interest in ‘Architextiles’ (the integration of textiles within architecture). This inspired me to study the link between how we feel about a space, and its accessibility to the natural environment, whether literally or through art and design. EBDC will enable people to bring the outdoors into the interior and in doing so create a more positive environment – whether at home, at work or in a social space. In 2016, I aim to start some fantastic projects in the Peterborough area that engage the local community and enrich the spaces they come into contact with. Peterborough has so much potential and I would love to be a part of the movement that shows it!

Systematic Apps
CEO: Scott Roberts
Systematic Apps is a new venture where we help SMEs automate business processes as their long-term technology partner. We specialise in creating highly integrated software between mobile and web applications, where we can speed up communication and data flow within businesses, and reduce resources and time spent on tasks that can be automated so staff can be doing something more rewarding. We innovate and add new features to business processes that can allow our clients to get ahead of the competition, reduce environmental impact by making processes digital and develop new lines of products. We are really excited to be based in the Future Business Centre and hope to make some new collaborations within the building and use the services provided to us by the Future Business Centre to help us grow as a company.

Liz Creates/Ethical Eats
CEO: Elisabeth Randell
Liz Creates provides high quality, bespoke web content for clients including anyone from pre-startup’s seeking web copy or their first press release to SME’s and big established brands requiring articles and full website content. Alongside Liz Creates I’m also working on a new project, Ethical Eats. I hope by collaborating with other sustainably minded businesses to create an interactive website which will enable people to learn about the benefits of ethical, sustainable and seasonal foods. As a newly established business, hot-desking at the Future Business Centre has created so many exciting opportunities for me. They provide an innovative creative atmosphere with likeminded tenants and have also helped me with support from a dedicated business advisor and invaluable networking opportunities. Working in the Future Business Centre Peterborough has allowed me to work flexibly, focussing on creating a career I love. They have provided the tools to help me succeed and grow towards further success in 2016 and beyond.

The Dresser-Rand Business
CEO: Christopher Rossi
The Dresser-Rand Business, part of Siemens Power and Gas Division, has located its HydroAir™ turbine team at the Future Business Centre. The team is responsible for the patented variable radius turbine (VRT) for wave energy.The HydroAir™ turbine represents a major paradigm shift in air-turbine technology for oscillating water columns (OWC) in respect to its high efficiency over a broad range of flow rates. This is particularly important given the variable nature of ocean waves. In the new Peterborough office, there are 20 employees also covering UK finance, human resources and information technology, as well as marketing and communications. Siemens Power have manufacturing plants all over the world.

The Future Business Centre Proposition
Recent research from the Future Business Centre in Cambridge said that the top five challenges people have before starting up a business are: ● 43% business planning ● 41% starting the business ● 32% sales and marketing ● 31% access to finance ● 27% governance and legal issues

The business support team and events programme, which is included at the Future Business Centre, is designed to address these challenges, giving you a much greater chance of success. The Future Business Centre supports ventures who are ready to take the plunge and go it alone.

The Hatchery is for start-up businesses – affordable co-working space where you can also be supported by business advisors. Virtual Offices are also very affordable from £9 per week, giving your start-up business a prestigious business address, use of the facilities and access to events and business support and advice.

The Future Business Centre proposition is all about encouraging new ventures to start up and grow. If you have an idea for a business however much it is in its infancy, you are encouraged to come and talk to them. Their in-house Business, Advisor offers a free, no obligation meeting with you to help you work out your next steps.

Future Business Centre Peterborough ABAX Stadium, London Road, Peterborough PE2 8AL 01733 666600

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