Salary survey could help you find and retain the best staff

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One of the biggest headaches when running a business is attracting the right quality staff and then keeping them. So it is increasingly important to ensure that you are offering competitive remuneration packages – and that does not always simply mean basic salary...

But it is difficult to compare your remuneration package with your competitors unless you have some current information about the local Peterborough market. That is why Anne Corder Recruitment has collaborated with Paydata to produce an annual salary and benefits survey to assist with benchmarking. Anne Corder, owner of the Lynch Wood-based recruitment agency, explains that hiring is on the rise nationally: ‘According to statistics from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, 70 per cent of employers plan to increase headcount in the next four to 12 months.* ‘The first half of 2015 has been very busy – a positive sign that the local market is reflecting the national trend.

However, such an increase makes it essential for employers to offer the right package to attract best candidates and retain their current employees.’ Beyond salaries, the survey also gathers data on the prevalence of job benefits locally. Earlier in the year, the recruitment agency’s flexible working campaign revealed 74 per cent of local job seekers considered flexible working as the most important job benefit. In light of the results Anne said: ‘Job seekers are looking for the full package and the Peterborough salary survey in partnership with Paydata is a useful tool for local businesses to understand if their remuneration package is both comprehensive and competitive.’ Each year a broad range of businesses participate in the survey from SMEs to major corporates.

With the 2015 survey now open, it’s the opportunity for more local businesses to take part and get the data they need to make benchmarking their salaries a simple and effective process. Individual participants’ information remains confidential but they receive exclusive access to a detailed break down of results – including salary per job role.

To participate visit or to find out more please call Karen Dykes on 01733 235 298. The survey closes at the end of August.

*Full statistics from the REC Jobs Outlook report can be found at

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