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Let's be honest, searching and applying for jobs can be pretty soul destroying but Just Jobs Peterborough, which launched in April 2012, could be the answer.

There is nothing worse than trawling hundreds of websites or newspaper adverts and not getting anywhere, particularly if you’ve already had a long day at the office. And it can be hugely frustrating when you find the perfect job, you meet all the requirements and there’s an attractive salary package – only to realise the job is based a hundred miles away.

The recruitment website understands that when looking for a new job most people want to stay close to home, and so it focuses exclusively on jobs in the Peterborough and Fenland Area.
Managing Director Steve Copeland explains

Not everyone wants to commute several miles and not all jobs warrant what can be high travel costs, that’s where we fit in. Our message is – local jobs for local people. The launch of Just Jobs Peterborough, the latest Just Jobs online recruitment website, will bring together those looking for work in and around Peterborough with local companies who want local people to work for them

The site covers 49 sectors in total, from accountancy through to travel, with new areas being added all the time as more businesses climb on board (for example ‘Horticulture’ and ‘Social Work’ have recently been included). Positions range from temporary placements to permanent contracts, and from junior or apprentice roles right through to senior management appointments. The search function allows candidates to look for jobs either by sector or town, which helps to ensure the results are a good match.

According to Steve, the other main benefit of Just Jobs Peterborough is that it is designed to make the process as fast and as painless as possible with a “quick and easy registration process” – literally your name, email and password and you’re ready to get going. Users can build an online profile so they have all of their information in one place, or alternatively simply upload their ready- made CV. All applications go directly through the website, so there are no problems with lots of browser windows and different formats of application. The website will also track your progress, with a ‘Vacancy Shortlist’ of your preferred opportunities and a record of all past applications you have made.
The service is available 24 hours a day and the recruitment site promises to upload new jobs in the area as soon as they become available. If you really want to be first in line, Just Jobs Peterborough’s social media support provides information on jobs as they appear online. It is also completely free for jobseekers to use – although interestingly, as the ‘Help Section’ points out, it’s actually illegal to charge candidates for job placement services in the UK!

Other services include a library of information, with articles on topics such as guidelines on writing your CV, tips on how to prepare for a job interview and advice on how to keep your CV safe online. Steve shares a few of these tips now with The Moment Magazine readers:

“Make sure that your application highlights your key skills and experience in a covering letter. If you don’t have much work experience, make sure you use life experience examples to show your ‘soft skills’ such as team work, problem solving and initiative. Research has shown that employers often value ‘soft skills’ as more important than qualifications and experience, depending on the job role. In a covering letter make sure you convey how the company will benefit from hiring you, not what you want from the role. Also make sure that your CV is properly and clearly presented and showcases the skills required in the job advertisement. Keep your sentences short and concise – don’t waffle. Ensure that you spell check and grammar check your CV and application as first impressions here count!”
Jobseekers are also encouraged to make use of the local business news page to gain an understanding of what is going on in the local community and identify other possible opportunities.

Just Jobs Peterborough aims to become the number one website for jobseekers and employers in the Peterborough & Fenland area. So far, around 50 local businesses have signed up to advertise their positions with Just Jobs Peterborough, and the site receives over 5000 unique visitors per month. To become one of those unique visitors go to:

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