Job opportunity at The Moment magazine: £18-25k p.a. + comms

The Moment Advertising Sales Manager | £18-25k + bonus, Peterborough

Working from home on a full or part-time basis, you will be a strong communicator, articulate, expressive and enthusiastic, with a proven talent for building business relationships and surpassing sales targets. Personality, creativity and resourcefulness are the key skills that you bring to any new challenge.

There were numerous reasons why we set up The Moment and The Business Moment. Key among them was that we wanted to make things better – not only to improve the quality of local publishing in the city, but to help create a mood and a means to facilitate further, positive change. We felt confident in this ambition not only because we had the necessary skills, but because the time and the circumstances were absolutely right.

One of the reasons why The Moment is so unique, is that most publishers lack the stamina or personal commitment to drive forward a longer-term project built on more meaningful foundations. We are prepared to expend the extra effort involved in creating quality journalism that does justice to the community it serves, and which also contributes. When we forge links of care and consideration between ourselves and our associates through credible editorial content, we not only strengthen our business relationships, we strengthen our communities, our customer base, our supply chains, our friends and neighbours. Thoughtful, good-quality communication – high in trust and empathy – is going to be more and more in demand as consumers increasingly avoid content that is false, damaging, misleading or needlessly sensationalist.

In this ambition we have been inspired by many other, existing examples – people, organisations and public bodies who have fostered a creative environment, who provide practical support to others or who have themselves initiated major cultural projects. These things significantly enhance life for those living in Peterborough, of course – but they also raise the city’s profile and make it a more enticing, rewarding prospect for visitors of all kinds.

Thanks to the generous way Peterborough has responded, we are in a position to inspire others, and to help the right candidate realise their ambitions. We have the infrastructure in place to deliver a range of messages to a variety of audiences – business and general public. We have proven expertise in editorial, photography and design, established distribution networks, and dedicated, receptive readerships.

If The Moment can help you reach your ambitions, contact the publisher:

Or telephone 07773 772864. 

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