BREAKING NEWS: CITYLAN tech expo postponed

Due to moving venue at short notice and other mitigating factors, the CITYLAN technology and e-careers expo will be rescheduled as part of the Peterborough City Skills Service 2016 Careers Event

Due to the event having grown bigger than originally anticipated we were required to relocate to a larger city centre venue, but with this move being so close to the event and with the additional workload and health and safety requirements, it became impossible to manage in such a short time and would have been a shadow of the event that we promised and wanted to deliver.

CITYLAN has a simple mission: to create the perfect platform for people to gain a better understanding of industry opportunities and career options all within the digital, IT, coding, design, development and interactive entertainment industries. And by including an eSports event we were able to engage on a whole new level, demonstrating that today, the interactive entertainment industry has a major impact on the economy worldwide, a market valued at over £60 billion and employing thousands of people.

CITYLAN is currently operated and run by a small team of dedicated and hardworking individuals, all of which have given their time freely. Their continued work together with a panel of experts from OP (Opportunity Peterborough), PCC (Peterborough City Council) and the Peterborough Skills service will pave the way for a massive careers expo focusing on IT in 2016, to assist the next generation of IT and digital professionals. Around 2,000 students and young people from Peterborough, Fenland, Norfolk and Huntingdon enjoyed the sunshine and the festival atmosphere at this year’s Careers Festival, seeking inspiration for their futures from over 120 exhibitors, and together we hope to continue this success.

We will still host an eSports tournament as part of our interactive entertainment portfolio, ensuring we bring the excitement and tension of eSports to the city in a new and innovative way, where the entire community is involved from the ground up. This will include a number of smaller LAN parties throughout 2016, taking the eSports to different venues to show businesses that there is a new sport in town and encouraging them to become more involved.

As part of our community strategy, we will continue to work closely with groups like DPiP and Peterborough Digital City to ensure we deliver seminars and workshops that are both engaging and educational, but on a whole other level. Arranging talks with industry leaders from corporations and development studios around the world delivering powerful and inspirational people from across the globe right to the audience. CITYLAN will continue to work with its partners and bolster those relationships, such as the work we have done with CGS Solutions to develop a groundbreaking network infrastructure capable of supporting multiple eSports stations and thousands of Wi-Fi users, and the partnership with Cityfibre delivering multiple 1GB cores to CITYLAN to ensure unprecedented speeds and reliability. When testing with the BBC, these speeds constantly broke the theoretical maximums demonstrating our network design could deliver first class network services. Full ticket refunds will be forthcoming via event bright.

To contact CITYLAN and find out more about their plans for the future, visit 
Twitter: @citylanlive 

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