Belvoir Cambridge launches monthly property workshops

Belvoir Cambridge is soon to launch a series of monthly, themed workshops aimed at property investors and those interested in buy-to-let

Belvoir has previously held occasional workshops and due to their success, the team have decided to hold them regularly. The aim of the events is to educate new property investors about how to get started in buy-to-let and how to find solutions to challenges within the industry.

The monthly workshops have a different theme so no two events are the same. Previous topics have included ‘Getting started in Buy to Let’ and ‘Make Your Property Your Pension’. By changing the topic the event focuses on, Belvoir hope to attract a mixture of previous and new participants who are interested in property investment.

Each buy-to-let workshop will be held on the last Tuesday of the month at The Marriott Hotel, Peterborough Business Park.

Emma Falco, general manager of Belvoir Peterborough and Cambridge branches said, ‘Our workshops are open to all and have proven to be a valuable and informal opportunity for aspiring and experienced investors alike to share ideas, knowledge and strategy.

‘With the help of our guest speakers, we aim to touch on relevant local and national housing news and provide information on how any changes in legislation or policy can be used to an investors advantage.’

The workshops are targeted at two main audiences; current landlords who wish to expand their portfolios and investors who wish to start investing in property. Belvoir prepare and host the workshops but they are completely no-obligation and they welcome anyone who has an interest in buy-to-let and is looking for free, expert advice.

Belvoir’s Buy-to-Let Seminars are designed to be intimate and bespoke, so numbers are limited to 15 attendees maximum. Unlike many existing property networking events, the workshops are conducted in a seminar-like style with attendees sat round a table in order to interact freely. The Belvoir staff and guest speakers are on hand to answer questions and deliver personalised advice.

Belvoir Peterborough encourages attendees to email any property questions they have before the event so that staff members and speakers can prepare answers. If workshop participants are seeking further advice, Belvoir are happy to organise follow-up one-to-one advice sessions or preliminary property visits for free.

The next workshop will be held on Wednesday, 26 November at The Marriott Hotel Peterborough. The theme will explore the popularity of HMOs and how you can finance, convert and let your own House in Multiple Occupation. HMOs are currently a popular topic in the private rental as they provide attractive returns on capital and there an increasing demand for this type of housing.

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