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Moment Magazine Media Pack 2022

Many local businesses are dedicated supporters and associates of The Moment and The Business Moment and know what a commitment to quality can deliver. For those to whom they are a new discovery, allow me to introduce something fresh, vibrant and advantageous:

This is The Moment

The Moment magazine was launched in December of 2010 in an effort to celebrate and champion the residents of Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle and the surrounding towns and villages; a proud ambassador, not a catalogue of advertisements or a conduit for PR flack, but an intelligent magazine thoughtfully written, reflecting the core values of hardworking families and businesses throughout our region – past and present. And this, perhaps paradoxically, is precisely why it works so well for advertisers and partners.

In a world awash with ‘free’ local magazines, quality and integrity still count. These are the values that make a publication truly stand out. They enhance other brands by association and present them in the best possible light. They are the secret weapons that ensure its pages are read, scrutinised and kept longer than competitors. We work hard to make our product work for readers, knowing that this is what makes your ads work hard for you. I sincerely believe that The Moment is one of the finest examples of regional publishing anywhere in the UK. In 2012, The Business Moment was launched to great acclaim from the local business community.

The power of professionally written content has seen The Moment become the largest publication within Greater Peterborough and we’re committed to Peterborough’s economic and cultural success. Imaginative, creative, independent and intelligent – The Moment showcases the city’s enterprising spirit at its best. It proudly serves our region with inspiring case studies, expert advice and quality journalism written by knowledgeable and trusted writers. We enjoy a proven relationship with key stakeholders, including city and regional trade bodies, economic, environmental and cultural development organisations and major business leaders.

We reach your audience

Copies of The Moment are circulated through a carefully selected network of venues and household deliveries within the Peterborough, Oundle and Stamford area. And combined with the immediacy of our content-rich website we provide an editorial environment that will enable you to get closer to your customers. Through our print and digital platforms, The Moment can comfortably reach a combined audience in excess of 60,000 per issue – such is the viral spread of credible content.

The Moment can be picked up in the foyer of Peterborough railway station – giving you exclusive access to this desirable demographic – and in Queensgate shopping centre. Demand for the publication always exceeds supply. The Moment is entirely unique in that respect.

The Moment also works beautifully as a digital offering; direct links to the virtual print edition are distributed as an email via a targeted and qualified business mailing list with further viral spread through existing business networks. Ongoing social media support is also an integral part of our marketing strategy, ensuring that your audience grows daily as we engage with relevant individuals and groups; its sphere of influence quickly migrating well beyond our core database of 6000+ (approx 3200 companies) qualified business leaders and the city limits. The database is intentionally skewed towards business heads but it is possible to extrapolate data that brings in junior grades. The majority of recipients are therefore representative of a higher managerial, administrative or professional social grade. This gives all advertisers the ability to target SMEs in the Greater Peterborough region as we continue to develop our network of connections with the business leaders of today – and tomorrow.

The pinned tweet PUTTING #PETERBOROUGH CENTRE STAGE is updated for each new edition and also runs as an advertisement across Facebook, Fb Audience Network, Messenger and Instagram, linking directly to the virtual print edition which contains your editorial and advertising. The majority of our tweets and Facebook posts all drive the reader to the virtual print edition.

In addition to the print publication, 10,880 readers subscribe to The Moment’s e-newsletter (avg open-rate 62.4%, avg click-rate 43.3%). Typically, our editorial content is viewed across Twitter no fewer than 80,000 times per month. When combined with daily Facebook posts (avg Facebook Page reach *100,000 users per month. *August 2022 Reach 104,117 users) and a daily Facebook advertising campaign within a 20-mile radius of Peterborough reaching over 90,000 users per month (*August 2022 Impressions 196,962. Reach 96,489), the virtual print edition achieves over *32,400 views (on avg) per edition. (*Jan-Dec 2021 194,400 views.)

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