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There were numerous reasons why we set up The Moment and The Business Moment. Key among them was that we wanted to make things better and to help create a mood and a means to facilitate further, positive change. We felt confident in this ambition not only because we had the necessary skills, but because the time and the circumstances were absolutely right.

In this ambition we have been inspired by many other, existing examples – people, organizations and public bodies who have fostered a creative environment, who provide practical support to others or who have themselves initiated major cultural projects. These things significantly enhance life for those living in Peterborough and surrounding area, of course – but they also raise the city’s profile and make it a more enticing, rewarding prospect for visitors of all kinds.

The power of professionally written content has seen The Moment become the largest publication within Greater Peterborough and we’re committed to Peterborough’s economic and cultural success. Imaginative, creative, independent and intelligent – The Moment showcases the city’s enterprising spirit at its best. It proudly serves our region with inspiring case studies, expert advice and quality journalism written by knowledgeable and trusted writers. We enjoy a proven relationship with key stakeholders, including city and regional trade bodies, economic, environmental and cultural development organisations and major business leaders.

A word from the publisher…

Publishing Editor & Managing Director Mark Wilson

In today’s uncertain and volatile economic climate, I have grown increasingly wary of the doom-mongers and their predictions of ‘Economic Armageddon’; self-defeating, sensationalist red top rhetoric that prays on our ignorance of the banking crisis and the national debt: ridiculing politicians, demanding resignations while simultaneously employing such dishonest, greedy and distasteful tactics; an all too familiar soundtrack of hypocrisy – and one, like you I suspect, that I’ve grown tired of these past years.

As a publisher, I have worked on weekly and monthly publications alike, in markets quite separate and distinct from one another. These are challenging times, no doubt about it. But I also believe that positivity, quality and integrity still count, more so than ever!

Despite the economic instability, The Moment brand was launched in an effort to celebrate and champion the residents of Peterborough, Stamford and the surrounding towns and villages; a proud ambassador, not a catalogue of advertisements or a conduit for PR flack, but an intelligent magazine thoughtfully written, reflecting the core values of hardworking families and businesses throughout our region – past and present.

For all your words of encouragement and for your perspective on our work, we give our heartfelt thanks.


…and such a breath of fresh air to finally receive a magazine through the door that I don’t want to recycle straight away. Having worked as an art director in publishing for almost twenty years I’m constantly complaining about how rubbish some of the tat is that we get given. They’re always full of garish ads and badly thrown together. But I can honestly say that yours doesn’t slot into that category. I have just sat down at breakfast and read your magazine from cover to cover. Well written, edited, designed and produced. I’m looking forward to the next issue…
~ Best, Nic

The Moment has been a very welcome addition to our coffee tables. It’s meticulously put together, looks great and takes a refreshing look at our local culture. It’s great to have a regional title with national calibre.
~ Phil

Just picked up a copy of the Moment Magazine today. MOST INTERESTING!!!! A very nice change from many of the ‘freebie’ mags. Well done!
~ Steve

Dear Moment Magazine, your magazine is fantastic! Brilliantly written and designed. Can’t believe it’s delivered to our door for free!
~ Jo

As a new business we were looking for appropriate places to advertise. It was therefore lovely to find a publication who was actually interested in our business and helping us get to our potential customers at a crucial time. The magazine has excellent editorials because they use professional writers and photographers – such a high quality for a local magazine. Because of that, people actually read it! As an advertiser we were noticed . . . And now there is also the fabulous website which is such a great addition to the ‘moment’ family and advertising is taken to a whole new audience.

Thank you Moment Magazine for providing a great stage for us to perform on!
~ Lisa & Dave, Vow Bridal Gallery, Wansford, PE8 6JA

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