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There were numerous reasons why we set up The Moment. Key among them was that we wanted to make things better and to help create a mood and a means to facilitate further, positive change. We felt confident in this ambition not only because we had the necessary skills, but because the time and the circumstances were absolutely right.

The power of professionally written content has seen The Moment become the largest publication within Greater Peterborough and we’re committed to Peterborough’s economic and cultural success. Imaginative, creative, independent and intelligent – The Moment showcases the city’s enterprising spirit at its best. It proudly serves our region with inspiring case studies, expert advice and quality journalism written by knowledgeable and trusted writers. We enjoy a proven relationship with key stakeholders, including city and regional trade bodies, economic, environmental and cultural development organisations and major business leaders.

This is very much about the image Greater Peterborough presents to the rest of the world – the world that we hope is going to see this city and region as a place worth visiting, worth living in, worth studying in, worth investing in. It is the job of The Moment to create an impression not only of a region and city that is growing, but one that has ambition and vision – that believes in itself, and in its ability to deliver something great and unique to businesses, residents and visitors alike.

Put simply, we want Greater Peterborough to be the best it can be – to attract people as visitors, as workers and as students, to nurture skills and keep them right here – so that cycle of improvement can continue. One of the reasons why The Moment is so unique, is that most publishers lack the stamina or personal commitment to drive forward a longer-term project built on more meaningful foundations. We are prepared to expend the extra effort involved in creating quality journalism that does justice to the community it serves, and which also contributes.

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