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Fair’s (not) fair! – 4 to 8 July

Fairs not fair

The funfair comes to town. All manner of rides and games arrive – sizzler twist, gravitron, ghost ride, boxing shows, the...

Building the future


With work to improve and expand its premises finished, Sycamore – Peterborough’s sole approved BMW dealership – is gearing...

What dreams may come

Selina's Tea Room Peterborough

Everyone has a dream. Whether it’s climbing Everest, becoming a concert pianist, or driving the full length of Route...

Tony Nero Master of Portraits

Peterborough Artist Tony Nero

For some time now I’ve wanted to create a collection of portraits of Peterborough people. One of my great...

Dreams Are Made (out) of Bears

Harrison 3

Philip Blom’s seminal work To Have and to Hold, gives a fascinating and detailed historical account of some of...

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