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War Stories: Peterborough in the Great War


Using the personal stories of local people and many rarely-seen items from the museum’s collections, this exhibition looks at the experiences of those who went away to fight, and those who were left on the Home Front and their contribution to the war effort. Supported by funding through the...

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Peterborough in the Great War


A major new exhibition at Peterborough Museum this summer tells the story of the city’s role during World War...

Perkins is Peterborough


Perkins is one of Peterborough’s greatest success stories; founded in the 1930s, it has just celebrated manufacture of its...

Women of Peterborough


A queen, a war heroine, a nurse, a butter seller, a Saxon princess, a woman who tried to introduce...

Spiritual Capital


In September 2012, Peterborough Cathedral – set to celebrate its 900th anniversary in 2018 – formally launched the corporate...

Peterborough Heritage Festival events


The Peterborough Heritage Festival includes an array of events around the city that explore different aspects of the city’s...

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