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Fair’s (not) fair! – 4 to 8 July

The funfair comes to town. All manner of rides and games arrive – sizzler twist, gravitron, ghost ride, boxing shows, the house of magic mirrors and heavenly candy floss machines are among the numerous attractions.

Thrill-seekers get excited about the £5 all day, all rides charge. But there’s something that they didn’t quite expect at the fair, as long-term rivals also come to play out their turf wars in the boxing ring. Delight mingles with dread when Jay and his friends get caught up in the middle of a sinister plot. Stories emerge from the past to haunt the youngsters who had no idea what they were getting themselves into, and a house of mirrors turns into a house of cards that collapses around them.

Inspired by the local stories of a hundred Peterborough residents, this touring production features a cast of Peterborough’s young people. Fair’s (Not) Fair! is an exciting piece of original comedy theatre packed with a punch, a jab and a kick that will leave you gasping for more.

There are a number of performances of Fair’s (not) fair:

Wed 4th of July St Paul’s Church, 414 Lincoln Road, PE1 2PA 7:30pm

Thur 5th of July Posh Football Ground, The Executive Suite London Road, PE2 8AL 7:30pm

Fri 6th of July Gladstone Park,Bourges Boulevard, PE1 2AN 6:30pm

Sat 7th of July The Green Backyard, Oundle Road, PE2 8AL 7:30pm

Sun 8th July – Central Park, Peterborough, 1pm

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