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Drivers Reminded To Think About The Morning After

People attending the 35th Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival on the river embankment from 21 to 25 August 2012 are being warned by the SaferPeterborough Partnership about the dangers of exceeding the legal drink drive limit the morning after drinking at the event

In 2010, 250 people died due to drink driving across the UK. By drinking and driving, you risk your life and those of your passengers and others on the road. Each year around 100,000 drivers are arrested in the UK for drink driving, with an increase being seen in the morning after. During 2010, 1091 drivers were arrested for drink driving in Cambridgeshire. In June 2012 alone, there were 100 arrests for drink driving across Cambridgeshire.

Clair George, road safety officer for the Safer Peterborough Partnership, said:

The beer festival attracts thousands of people to the embankment and we want everyone to have a good time while staying safe, especially when travelling home or early the next day. Even a small amount of alcohol can affect a person’s ability to drive and there is no failsafe guide on how to stay under the legal limit. Factors such as a person’s weight, age and sex, how much they have eaten and even stress levels all have an affect. We are reminding drivers they may still be affected by alcohol the next day. Even though they may feel fine when they wake up, they may still be over the legal alcohol limit or unfit to drive. It takes time for the body to eliminate alcohol and taking a shower, drinking coffee or other ‘sobering up’ techniques cannot speed up the process.

1. Last year 2011 76 people were killed or seriously injured on Peterborough roads.

2. 1091 drivers were arrested in Cambridgeshire for drink drive offences during 2011

3. Those convicted of drink-driving will:

• Have a criminal record

• Not be allowed to drive for at least a year

• Potentially lose their job

• Face dramatically increased insurance costs

• Have problems hiring a car for the next 10 years

• Suffer social disgrace

• Potentially suffer the maximum penalty of 10 years for causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs

• Potentially suffer the penalties for driving or attempting to drive while above the legal limit or unfit through drink, which include six months’ imprisonment plus a fine of £5,000 and a driving ban of at least a year

4. People who plan to drink should never risk driving. They should:

• Book a taxi

• Use public transport

• Arrange for someone who is not drinking to drive

• Arrange to stay over

5. Safer Peterborough is a partnership of organisations that work together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, to ensure that Peterborough is a place where people feel safe. Its priorities cover serious acquisitive crime, anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse, violent crime (including alcohol-related crime and disorder), sexual offences and road safety.

6. The partners include Peterborough City Council, NHS Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, Cambridgeshire Police Authority and the Cambridgeshire Probation Area.

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