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Cast in time have an in house creative team, sculpture service and excellent customer care line. We were established back in 1999 and were the first casting company to bring at home imprint and casting kits to the worldwide market

Our founder Rita Slingsby created the company as a way to bring personalised art into everyone’s living room, be this by the at home kits or the fully professional sculpture service that we offer. We firmly believe that we have created a fully range to cater to every parents budget. We are a local company and have been in the area for the last 12 years. We are in Kiddicare Peterborough every weekend and offer both the professional sculpture service and the sale of the kits. We also provide help and support in store for the customers who purchase the at home kits. We have a wide selection of frames available for the customers that choose our sculpture service we can also offer a bespoke frame service for them if they wanted something different from what we offer. In such a special year, one that will never happen again the combination of the Queen’s jubilee and the Olympics being in this country, why not acquire yourself a piece of personalised, limited edition art. With the highest quality and standards our sculptures are designed around our customers needs and wishes. Every single work of art is carefully and thoughtfully created by our experienced in house sculpture team. Most importantly is that you, our customer receives exactly what you have asked for. A beautifully displayed and treasured work of art, that mirrors the image of your special loved ones uniqueness.

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