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The Moment magazine has been spreading the word about all things Greater Peterborough for four years now, bringing original interviews, entertainment, lifestyle, What’s On and much more to the city’s population – all with its own distinctive voice and look, and completely free of charge. With established distribution networks, receptive readerships, and proven expertise in editorial, photography and design, we believe we are in a fantastic position to reach the people of Peterborough, Oundle, Stamford and the villages in-between!

In January 2014, we formed a partnership with Vivacity – the independent, not-for-profit organisation that manages many of Peterborough’s most popular culture and leisure facilities on behalf of Peterborough City Council. We’ve always been passionate cultural ambassadors for the city of Peterborough, but now, with Vivacity’s support, we are to become an official published information source for their events, services and projects. These include the Key Theatre, Peterborough Museum, Flag Fen, Longthorpe Tower, the city’s major festivals and all of Vivacity’s pools, gyms and libraries.

Vivacity’s enthusiasm for The Moment magazine and its guiding principle – that Peterborough deserves high quality content – has been unwavering, and we’re immensely proud to be working alongside them in an official capacity. This collaboration will give us even more scope to shout about the best the city has to offer, in addition to our regular feast of interviews, information and insights. We are now reaching far wider audiences, doubling our print run and achieving more comprehensive distribution across the city and beyond.

None of this would have been possible without all the people, organizations and public bodies who have not only supported us, but who continue to foster a creative and positive environment. Such things significantly enhance life for those living in Peterborough, of course – but they also raise the city’s profile and make it a more enticing, rewarding prospect for visitors of all kinds. Our aim is not only to reflect that, but to play an active part in it. These are exciting times for Peterborough. We look forward to working with you in 2017.

There were numerous reasons why we set up The Moment and The Business Moment. Key among them was that we wanted to make things better – not only to improve the quality of local publishing in our region, but to help create a mood and a means to facilitate further, positive change. We felt confident in this ambition not only because we had the necessary skills, but because the time and the circumstances were absolutely right.

In this ambition we have been inspired by many other, existing examples – people, organizations and public bodies who have fostered a creative environment, who provide practical support to others or who have themselves initiated major cultural projects. These things significantly enhance life for those living in Peterborough, of course – but they also raise the city’s profile and make it a more enticing, rewarding prospect for visitors of all kinds.

Thanks to the generous way Peterborough has responded, we are now in a position to inspire other local communities, and to help many more realise their ambitions. We have the infrastructure in place to deliver a range of messages to a variety of audiences – business and general public. We have proven expertise in editorial, photography and design, established distribution networks, and dedicated, receptive readerships. In short, on issues that really matter, we believe we are in a better position to reach the people of Oundle, Peterborough and Stamford than anyone currently out there.


 The Moment magazine was launched in December of 2010 in an effort to celebrate and champion the residents of Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle and the surrounding towns and villages; a proud ambassador, not a catalogue of advertisements or a conduit for PR flack, but an intelligent magazine thoughtfully written, reflecting the core values of hardworking families and businesses throughout our region – past and present. And this, perhaps paradoxically, is precisely why it works so well for advertisers and partners.

In a world awash with ‘free’ local magazines, quality and integrity still count. These are the values that make a publication truly stand out. They enhance other brands by association and present them in the best possible light. They are the secret weapons that ensure its pages are read, scrutinised and kept longer than competitors. We work hard to make our product work for readers, knowing that this is what makes your ads work hard for you. I sincerely believe that The Moment is one of the finest examples of regional publishing anywhere in the UK. In 2012, The Business Moment was launched to great acclaim from the local business community.


  • The Moment can be picked up in the foyer of Peterborough railway station, giving you exclusive access to this desirable demographic, and in Queensgate shopping centre adjacent the car park ticket machines. Demand for the publication always exceeds supply. The Moment is entirely unique in that respect.
  • Over 20,000 copies of The Moment are circulated through a carefully selected network of 700+ venues and 6-10,000 household deliveries within the Peterborough, Oundle and Stamford area. And combined with the immediacy of our content-rich website www.themomentmagazine.com we provide an editorial environment that will enable you to get closer to your customers. Through our print and digital platforms, The Moment can comfortably reach a combined audience in excess of 80,000 per issue – such is the viral spread of credible content.
  • Now The Business Moment has joined the fold, speaking directly to the local business community via targeted email lists http://www.themomentmagazine.com/the-business-moment-peterborough-magazine/ In addition, The Business Moment is available as a digital app via iTunes Newsstand. This allows you to get closer to your customers, providing readers with direct links to your website at the tap of your ad.


The Moment is an outstanding publication which treats its readership intelligently and understands the need to balance visual with content. The writers really know how to engage with their readers and can always find the hook that so often other media can’t see. This results in fabulous coverage which is often thought provoking and surprising. The Moment has shown to everyone that Peterborough is a vibrant dynamic place to live, and does more for tourism and the profile of Peterborough than any other publication. The city needs to support this publication financially.  It is our best consumer asset and without it we lose a brilliant shop window for Peterborough.

I love everything about The Business Moment, both as a PR professional and reader. The format, the content, the aspiration. Just brilliant. Like its sister publication this shows our city as a city to be taken seriously, a city to be proud of and a city to invest in and work in. The editorial team are a joy to work with and aren’t a pushover in any way. This is a must have for any corporate PR and I hope the publication goes from strength to strength.

Sarah McGhie
Development Officer
Peterborough Cathedral

In these times of sound bite news, shallow reporting, obsessive celebrity fixation and tittle-tattle titillation, it’s good to find a magazine that responds to its subject matter with in-depth and interested coverage. The Moment Magazine is one of the few magazines I read knowing I’m going to be just slightly the more informed and richer for doing so. It’s an important part of our regional media and reaches the parts that other mag’s just don’t reach….looks great too.

Mark Ringer
Willow & Levity Festival Organiser 

The Moment gets to the heart of what Peterborough is all about !  The people behind the stories, what we have that makes us unique as a city and what we can be proud of about our city. I’ve lived in this area all my life and every issue I find out about things going on or places that I knew nothing about!  The Moment and The Business Moment do an outstanding job of showcasing Peterborough, its environs and its citizens!  They really rock!

Rachel Parkin
Managing Director
The Balagan Group

Peterborough has an incredible story, stretching back with over 3,500 years of human occupation, without even considering the prehistoric creatures that inhabited this landscape before. We have links to virtually every national event and major story in this island’s history, and yet it’s not well enough known. These fascinating stories need spreading to as wide an audience as possible, and I’m delighted that The Moment is such a magnificent cheerleader for Peterborough in general and our rich heritage in particular. The coverage is well written and intelligent, the production values of a consistently high quality, and the team a pleasure to work with. Long live The Moment!

Stuart Orme, Interpretation Manager, Vivacity Heritage


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