High Fibre


Internet speeds unable to keep pace with modern workflows are a matter of fact for most businesses. When broadband replaced dial-up connections a decade ago we were promised a lightning-speed experience. However, today’s demand for online services has combined with high data volumes to put the brakes on service...

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Tomorrow’s talent


The second annual Careers Festival, delivered by The Skills Service, is offering local businesses the chance to say what...

Let’s get moving


Companies may know what they are trying to communicate but knowing how to put that message across can be...

Business of the future


In November last year, a new business centre opened its doors in Cambridge with Professor Christoph Loch of the...

High Fibre


Slow internet connections are the bane of business, costing millions in lost revenue and inefficient use of resources. All...

The business of caring


In 2012, PJ Care opened the cutting-edge Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre in Peterborough. The brainchild of the company’s...

A Brighter Future


The very first Greater Peterborough Business Survey has found reasons to be cheerful as economic recovery in the city...

A Tale of Two Cities


Cambridge and Peterborough are thriving centres of business at either end of the county – yet it sometimes seems...

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